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Reef balls

In November 1999, Hurricane Lenny caused considerable damage to PortoMari’s double reef. The reef closest to the shore within 20 ft. of the surface suffered the greatest loss of coral, and the deeper reef was also endangered due to the change of sand flow. Under the guidance of two American specialists, Todd Barber and Larry Beggs from the Reef Ball Foundation, a large number of community volunteers have constructed 280 concrete Reef Balls on site and laced them in strategic locations to encourage new coral growth and provide shelter and breeding places for reef inhabitants. The Reef Balls are monitored on a quarterly basis. Volunteers were also responsible for transplanting coral plugs onto Reef Balls on the west side of the bay in April 2001, and were excited to report that the Staghorn corals have begun to cover the base of the plugs with new growth, in addition to extending the length of their branches – a positive sign of health.

For more information on our Reef Ball progress and the reports please visit www.atificialreefs.org/ScientificReports/research.htm


A Reef Ball is a “Designed Artificial Reef” used to restore ailing coral reefs and to create new fishing and scuba diving sites. Reef Balls are used for beach protection and have many other uses too. Reef Balls are made of a special marine concrete and are designed to mimic natural reef systems. They are used around the world to create habitats for fish and other marine and freshwater species

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Over 100,000 Reef Balls have been deployed in over 1,500 projects worldwide. We have placed ours (180) in early 2001, and later placed 100 more in 2002. They are made in many sizes to match the natural reef type of a particular location.

best project

We were chosen ‘Best Overall Project’ in 2001 by the Reef Ball Foundation. In their words: “There is only ONE thing that  could have made this a better project…if the reefs had not been destroyed
by the storm and the project was unnecessary!”

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